The Natural Gallstone Killer Formula.
Let 9 Powerful Herbal Ingredients Attack Your Pain...Its Time To Be Stone Free.

"Stone clr saved my Gallbladder from being removed. Its a product I would recommed to anyone who is suffering from gallstones. This product truly does work. I am so glad I went with the all natural route."

Rhonda Balis

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Key Benefits:

- effective gallbladder support
- dissolves & breaks up stones
- protects from Urinary tract infections
- quick pain relief

If so, you need to learn more about this natural gallstone remedy that has helped thousands of gallstone sufferers. This gallstone remedy is widely used to eliminate gallstones of all kinds and stages. It's been prescribed by many naturopathic, holistic and ayurvedic doctors for their patients.

Note: If you suffer from any of the conditions below then chances are you have

- Sudden and rapidly intensifying pain in the upper right portion of your abdomen
- Sudden and rapidly intensifying pain in the center of your abdomen, just below your breastbone
- Back pain between your shoulder blades
- Pain in your right shoulder
- Abdominal pain so intense that you can't sit still or find a comfortable position
- Yellowing of your skin and the whites of your eyes
- High fever with chills

Eliminate Your Gallstones Quickly & Painlessley and Enjoy Your Life To The Fullest!

- Don't suffer anymore! Gallstones are very common. 20 million Americans have gallstones each year and reports the chance of gallstones rises with age. "Gallstones usually develop in adults between the ages of 20 and 50; about 20% of patients with gallstones are over 40." reported by

- Don't make the mistakes of assuming that gallstones will go away without any treatment. In fact, you need to act fast if you suspect gallstones.

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This is just to give you a brief history about my husbands condition:
In October he came down with severe pains due to a gallstone lodged in the gallbladder duct. The hospital wanted to perform an immediate operation to remove the gallbladder, but he refused (my husband is a retired doctor of western and TCM medicine, he fervently advocates the use of herbs for this condition). At the time we did not have any Chinese medicine in the house for this condition, as this was the first time that he had any noticable problems. I came across your site and ordered stone clr to give it a try. The inflammation caused by the stone subsided very quickly, which also caused a relaxing effect on the gallbladder, thus allowing the stone to dislodge and move out of the duct.

He has now been comfortable for nearly one year, but occasionally there is some discomfort, so he then takes the formula for a few days, up to two weeks until well after the discomfort has subsided. Operation not necessary.

Lisa Woods
Newton, Iowa

Hi I wanted to thank you so much for this miracle product. I was diagnosed with Gallstones two years ago. I have had nightmares about the surgery. I told myself I would be ok if only I was not getting an organs removed. This is very hard to deal with. A friend referred these pills to me. I admit I was skeptical. Then one day I got this sharp pain. I went to the doctor she said it may be a muscle spasm, I told her no it felt like my gallstones, I made her refer me for an ultrasound. Of course it took two weeks to get in. I decided in the meantime to go online and read about it then decided to order them. They came I only had a week before my ultrasound so I took them. There I was sitting at the doctors office praying to god. Then I recalled checking myself every time a went to the restroom. I NEVER saw anything so I hoped like the other people giving their testimonies that it came out and I just never saw it. The Radiologist kept saying breathe in and out...she looked Puzzled because the monitor next to her showed my previous ultrasound with stones. Finally after thirty five minutes she said do you still have your Gallbladder? I said yes of course what is going on? She said your gallbladder is clean completely THERE ARE NO STONES AT ALL!!!! I smiled and said I took some pills to get rid of them. She replied NO WAY GALLSTONES DO NOT DISSOLVE IN ALL MY YEARS I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS. IT IS MEDICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. She went to get another radiologist whom also confirmed they are gone and she remembered me and remembered taking the first ultrasound. They asked two other doctors to look ,and yes they confirmed I NO LONGER HAVE GALLSTONES. I seen my before and after ultrasound the first image showed two small stones which they confirmed I had two. I wanted to cry of joy. Thank you God for my prayers…..

Jose Ramirez

I have just placed another order for stoneclr as I have another gall stone "on the move"
I was meaning to write to you after I ordered the product last time to tell you how well it worked, but somehow didn't get a chance. Anyway please accept the following as a recommendation for this brilliant product for anyone else considering it for gall stones. I hope this time it works as well for me. In 2004 I was diagnosed with a gall stone that had moved down into the tubes. For those who have experienced this I do not need to explain the level of pain this causes. I visited my GP who ordered an x-ray but he said that basically there was little he could do, it would either come out of it's own accord in time or they would take it out, I took this to mean surgery or the shock blasting treatment. To say I hate hospitals is an understatement and I wanted to avoid this at all costs. I started to drink plenty of fluid, tried various western herbs and even the rather unconventional "coke and asparagus" home treatment. Nothing was working and the pain was getting worse. I came across and saw your product. I put my order in and when the product arrived I decided to double the dosage. The first day I noticed that the pain was less and the feeling of cystitis and burning sensation wasn't as bad. Day two was much the same but on day three as I passed water I heard a "ping" in the toilet pan. There it was? about 2mm in size. So gallstone out definitely helped it to push it out. The good thing was that there was no pain on passing. It seems gall stone out has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and this I think really helped.

Gary H.
Charlotte, NC

...I had a large gallstone trapped in the bile duct and it was really painful. I saw your site on web md and really wanted to try a natural remedy, so I ordered the 3 bottle package that you have listed. After the 3 months of using your product the stones are gone. Thank you for all your help.

Keith F

Stone clr saved my Gallbladder from being removed. Its a product I would recommed to anyone who is suffering from gallstones. This product truly does work. I am so glad I went with the all natural route.

Rhonda Balis
Fort Worth, Texas

I had a gall stone problem for almost a year that I could not alleviate by regular medicine, other herbs or homeopathy. One week after taking stoneclr, my symptoms improved and after two weeks they were gone.

Lisa Owens
Norcoss, GA

I shared my good news yesterday with your sales representative. She asked me to send a short note about my experience with your gall stone product. Stoneclr solved my gall stone problem and I am enjoying my life again. Thanks for a great product.

Doug Spencer
Peoria, Illinois

First of all I would like to thank you for creating stone clr. It made a huge difference almost immediately and since I started taking it, I did not have any pain. I guess it will take some time for the stone to break. Or, could it be that it has already broke and I have not noticed it ? In any case I am going to see a urologiest to see how it is all going.

Linda R.
Parsippany, New Jersey

StoneCLR is developed based on a traditional herbal formula used to eliminate gallstones. It is a 100% herbal preparation that is composed of nine natural occurring plants:

Phyllanthus Niuri (chanca piedra) - The plant is called stonebreaker because it is used to remove kidney stones and gallstones. Additionally it is used against viruses, bacteria, fever, and as a diuretic.

Parsley (Root) - Parsley is a biennial or perennial herb that originated in the eastern Mediterranean region as a wild plant, but is now found in cultivation everywhere. The leaves are dark green and shiny and packed with nutrition. For more than two thousand years, it has been highly regarded as a medicinal herb to treat gastrointestinal disorders, and ancient Greeks also valued Parsley for its soothing and diuretic effect on those with kidney and bladder ailments.

Marshmellow (Root) - Helps reduces the inflammation. Helps coat the fragments so that they can be eliminated painlessly. Ref:

Turmeric (Root) Ext. 95% - Gallstone prevention/bile flow stimulant. It has been said that there are fewer people with gallstones in India, which is sometimes credited to turmeric in the diet. Early studies report that curcumin, a chemical in turmeric, may decrease the occurrence of gallstones.

Ginger (Root) - Traditional uses to fight gallbladder disease. Ref: Enhances cholesterol absorption and stimulates the production of bile acids to cleanse the gallbladder and liver. Also, hot compresses made with ginger tea relieve pain of gallbladder attacks. Ref:

Gravel (Root) - For centuries, some people have tried to use herbs to treat and prevent stones that form in the kidneys and bladder. Gravel root, also called kidney root, queen of the meadow and Joe Pye has been used to eliminate gallbladder stones.

Lemon Balm (Leaf) - Used throughout history as a medicinal herb, lemon balm has mild sedative properties and has been used to relieve gas, reduce fever, and increase perspiration.

Dandelion (Root) - The gallbladder is markedly affected by both the dandelion root and the dandelion leaf remedies, these herbal remedies can also be used to prevent the formation of gallstones in the gallbladder. If gallstones are already present, then the remedy made from the dandelion leaf may still help, by dissolving such gallstones aiding in their elimination.

Licorice (Root) - Licorice has been used in ancient Greece, China, and Egypt, primarily for gastritis (inflammation of the stomach) and ailments of the upper respiratory tract.

How long before I start feeling a difference?

StoneCLR will reduce the pain within 24-48 hrs. Many of our customers report they feel immidiate benefit after taking StoneCLR. Flushing and Dissolving the stones will depend on the size and varies from patient to patient.

Does StoneCLR help from gallstones forming again?

It actually helps restore optimal liver and gallbladder function by removing toxins and fatty deposits from the liver and improving gallbladder contractions. With regular use of our product you are virtually assured that your gallbladder will never form stones again.

Is StoneCLR Safe? Any Side Effects?

It is Safe and no side effects have been reported. Caution: not to be used during pregnancy.

Is my credit card information safe when ordering from your site?

Absolutley Yes, uses 128 bit encryption, the highest level of internet security available to protect your personal information.